Posted by: Staff | 02.09.2010

Hutton Storms About Snow Days


It is past a week into February, and Beaver Country Day School has not had a snow day! I have been praying almost every night that a huge snow storm would come to Boston and there would be a snow day, but, unfortunately, my prayers have not been answered. Maybe it is because of global warming or that in this new decade we will never have snow days. To learn more about snow days, I decided to interview Mr. Hutton and find out the scoop on snow.

 Growing up in Buffalo, how many snow days did you have on average per school year?

It could be zero or a couple. It could be ten. It would really depend on severity of the storm. Of course, the funny thing is that the people handle the snow pretty well up there, so when there was a snow day, all the students would get in the car and go skiing. 

How does a winter snow storm in Buffalo compare to Boston?

Buffalo has more of them. More wind. The storms are much more unpredictable because the storms would come off of the lake, and unlike a north eastern storm, you couldn’t predict when it was coming by looking down the east coast.

What is the most snow you have ever seen on the ground?

The blizzard of 1977. There was a lot of snow on the ground even before the storm hit. I can remember there being so much so snow that people were essentially trapped in their houses. It was actually a really scary and dangerous storm.       

What is the process of calling a snow day? Is a there a set order of actions to take or is it a different process every time?

It really depends. I usually track the storm and watch what it could possibly do. I don’t usually call a snow day if it doesn’t snow. I’ll wake up really early and go online to see which other schools have canceled. The Brookline public schools will call me to let me know if they cancel. Generally, if the close surrounding towns are all closed (Boston, Brookline, Newton), then we’ll probably close as well.

What is the biggest factor that goes into calling a snow day?

Safety. If it is too dangerous to drive, then I will usually call a snow day.

Do you have a favorite weather man?

I don’t watch weather TV at all anymore. I haven’t really watched the local news in years. Back then, I could recognize one or two of the weather man. Now, it is much faster to get all the information online. I can go to, and they have a great radar app. School closings also go up a lot faster online. It is fun to watch the school closings at the bottom of the TV screen, but it does take a while for your school to finally show up. Occasionally, I’ll wake up and watch the local news.

How do you decide between calling a delay and calling a complete cancellation?

If I see that most of the other schools are calling a delay and the snow storm will stop around four in the morning and the roads will eventually clear up, I will call a delay. For a lot of people, it can be inconvenient to call a delay because for some parents, it doesn’t work well for their schedule to have to drop their child off at school any later than usual. We do try to call snow days at certain times of the week. If we call a snow day on Tuesday, then students will become sluggish on Wednesday and we lose a whole week. So we really try to keep school open.

Is it true that if you can’t make it from your house to school, then we will have a snow day?

No. That’s not true at all. If I can’t make it, then we will probably still have school. You’ll laugh at this; it is a pretty funny story. I was teaching in Washington DC, and there was a huge storm and the school really should have closed. The school I was teaching at had a big reputation for never having snow days, and the headmaster thought that not having snow days showed toughness. All the other schools closed, except for this one. When we got to school that day, everyone was ready to kill the headmaster. But he never showed up to school that day because he couldn’t get out of his driveway.

If you were to miss call a snow day, who or what would be your scapegoat?

Mr. Manning. It would absolutely be his fault.

How many snow days do you think we are going to have this school year?

None. This winter has been freezing, but it just hasn’t snowed.

Despite our headmaster’s prediction for no snow days this school year, I believe that if we all pray to the snow gods for a snow day and check the Beaver Reader every night, we will finally get a snow day. Hopefully for us seniors, we will get a snow day in our last year of high school.



  1. Storm bearing down and no one has any advice for me?

  2. I suggest no school. Safety is paramount.

  3. As much as I love school, I think that we could all, you included, use a day off. When was the last time you slept until noon?

  4. I don’t think we ever had a snow day during my time at our high school–that’s at least up until 68. Maybe after Mr. Boocock retired as head the new management softened up (and acknowledged that not every student came from the city). I know the place closed for the Blizzard of 77, though.

    And use your best judgment. I know you worry about what might happen to us all driving home in a howling blizzard tomorrow, just how awful that could be…really…

  5. No School. It is going to take me 4 hours to get home in the storm

  6. We should have school, but instead of classes we should have one huge snowball fight…

  7. just joking you should cancel school

  8. yea i agree with jake… we live in the same area and the last time there was a snow storm it took me 4 hours to get home

  9. Your wish came true today. Enjoy it! (Wonder if they canceled classes at Tufts today? Doubt it.)

  10. Thanks everyone. Could not have made this decision without your collective wisdom.

  11. Aw, shucks, it weren’t nothin’. See you at school in a bit.

  12. I grew up in Florida. We didn’t get snow or snow days, but one time it went below freezing and the school’s heating system failed. We got sent home early!

  13. The irony.

  14. Have to agree on that irony comment. Although, I can’t say I was said to get a day to just relax.

  15. “If you were to miss call a snow day, who or what would be your scapegoat?

    Mr. Manning. It would absolutely be his fault.”

    So what does Mr. Manning have to say for himself today??

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