Posted by: Staff | 02.15.2010

Best Unknown Music Website:


For too long I have been hoarding this amazing website to myself. A few months ago, I stumbled upon this website while in search for new mash-up artists. When I first went to, it was a dream come true. A collection of all of the mash-up artists I listen to and plenty of new ones all in the same place with convenient download links.

    After using this website for a few months to bulk up my iTunes library, I have a few tips on how to use First off, I would recommend checking it once every week. When first using the website, don’t download all of the artists all at once, for that would be far too overwhelming. You should pace yourself when downloading. Lastly, listen to Soohan. He is awesome! All of the artists are talented, and when you are evaluating them, I recommend listening to their work at least three times before determining their quality.

    If you are curious as to which artists you should download first, here is a brief list of my favorites:    

  • Soohan
  • Deskhop
  • P-10
  • Girl Talk (Both albums, definitely)
  • Super Mash Bros
  • E-603
  • Xaphoon Jones
  • DJ Skarface
  • DJ Gordon Gekko
  • The White Pandas

    So enjoy this wonderful mash-up website! I can’t wait until the site finally comes out with T-shirts.



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