Posted by: Staff | 02.15.2010

Introducing The Buried Life


“If you had one day to live, what would you do? Would you climb a mountain? Would you tell someone how you really feel? Now, if you had a whole lifetime to live, would you lose that drive, or would your list just keep getting longer?” So begins the series premiere of The Buried Life. For weeks I had seen the commercials on MTV advertising their latest show and became anxious to see it. The premise of the show is interesting and inspiring: four average guys bored with going through the motions of their daily lives leave their hometown with a list of one hundred things they want to do before they die. Ben, Duncan, Jonnie, and Dave travel around  the country in their purple bus named Penelope as they go after what they want most in life. More importantly, they encourage other people to follow their lead and make their own list. I personally think the best part of the show is that everytime the guys cross off an item of their list, they help a random stranger complete something they want to do before they die.

     In the first episode the guys arrived in Beverly Hills to complete one of the more difficult items on their list, sneak into a Playboy Mansion party. For those of you that don’t know, the Playboy Mansion is a highly secured property. There are cameras and security guards every few feet. So to bypass all of this, Johnnie and Dave snuck in the mansion by hiding inside a prop cake…for six hours. I don’t want to give away what else happens, but it was very exciting and was a great way to start the show. Since they completed an item on their list, they helped out a nearby school by giving them the gift of technology, something that the the teacher wanted to do before he died. To raise money for the Mac computer the friends danced and sang on the streets of Beverly Hills. I liked the fact that the helping a stranger aspect of the show isn’t something the producers crammed into the last five minutes. Helping the stranger cross off what they want to do is just as important as what they stars of the show want to do. If you missed this episode and are curious to see it check out The Buried Life on itunes, where you can download this episode for free.

      Even though the show just premiered on January 18th it already has a huge following. I am excited to see many more episodes and hope that others tune in as well. Since so many people live their whole lives never going after they want most I think it’s great The Buried Life is on to show others that they should live the best life they possibly can. The Buried Life is on MTV on Mondays at 10 p.m.


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