Posted by: Staff | 02.18.2010

Supplementary Essay: The Getaway by Vanessa Lecky ’10


Three days into junior year at Beaver Country Day and I was already flooded with homework. Summer reading tests and homework were already assigned. I yearned for another vacation even if it was a mini one. Excitement flowed through me when I found out that the class’s orientation was the next day.  However I was in for a big surprise. For orientation the junior class had to hike up Mount Monadnock. When I heard this, all the excitement drained from my face. I turned pale white. I was not thrilled at all. Why can’t we do a scavenger hunt through Boston or stay at a camp for two days? Does everyone have to climb the mountain?-these were the questions that kept popping up in my head whenever anyone mentioned the words “hike Mt. Monadnock”.  However, the climb was inevitably, unless I was terminally ill and my limbs somehow turned to jelly, I had to climb the mountain.

As I started the ascent, I kept slipping on and stubbing over smooth and jagged rocks. At times I had to crawl like spider-man to get over the tops of massive flat rocks wedged into the mountain. Moreover, every time I saw a clearing or a ray of light, I thought I was at the top. Oh on the contrary, every opening only revealed another layer of unrelenting, ponderous rock. “How much longer do I have to climb,” I wondered. Are we almost there? Exhaustion was kicking in. Three quarters of the grade was already ahead of me, waiting at the top. To make matters worse, one of my friends was very frantic. She was afraid of heights and declared that she would not move any further. “Do not worry, Sarah. We are almost there. Come on. You are not going to fall”, I consoled her. Wrong move. Crying she replied, “I already fell once and you were not there.” 

“Exactly. I was not there. I am here now. I will protect you: I will not let you fall,” I said soothingly. Here I am consoling my best friend that it is going to be okay, while deep down I am trying to cover up my own fear of heights. Mentally, I was saying Hail Marys. I had to be brave for both of us.  My heart, thundered in my throat with every pain-throbbing step I took. “I am going to make it”, I thought to myself.  After five hours, we had made it to the top. Never in my wildest dreams, did I ever think I would be able to climb a mountain. I always hear of others doing it and think, “Wow that’s crazy!” Now, I have achieved this feat. The beautiful scenery and cheers from my classmates was gratifying. I believe that I can truly do anything. Coming down was not as bad. When I reached the ground, my feet felt like silly putty. I kissed the ground. It was truly a great getaway.

This was a response to the Tufts Supplementary Application question, “Write a story titled ‘The Getaway'”

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