Posted by: Staff | 02.25.2010

NBC’s Chuck Strays From the Chuck of Old


Only a little over two years ago America first met Charles “Chuck” Bartowski. “Chuck” is an extremely bright minded, worker at a Buy More in Burbank California. He was somewhat of a nerd, who had just had his heart broken. He soon became an “asset” for the CIA because an “intersect” was downloaded into his head. Therefore, the CIA was forced to bring him along on missions. However, Chuck was not your average cold blooded spy. When many spy’s would simply do their mission, for example Colonel (formerly Major) John Casey (one of Chuck’s two caretakers), Chuck would add a human characteristic to the spy industry. Chuck’s die hard fans were able to live vicariously through Chuck. Chuck was trying to be a spy even though his feeling did not allow this to happen. Chuck loved his other caretaker, Agent Sarah Walker, even though this was impossible because spy’s could not have feelings. Lastly, Chuck struggled to hide the truth of being a spy from his family. He was not a good spy; however, he was a likable spy.

A little over two years later, Season 3 began with a new Charles “Chuck” Bartowski. Chuck had inserted a new “intersect” into his head, thus turning him into a “super spy”. As well as being a “super spy”, Chuck had to act as though he knew what he was doing in the spy industry due to his brother in-law Captain Awesome. This is because Captain Awesome had become sucked into the spy world, and looked up to Chuck. What prompted me to write this article was that after three seasons of Chuck, I see a new Chuck Bartowski. This Chuck Bartowski is forced to tell an “asset” that they were not friends because “Chuck is a spy”. This Chuck Bartowski cold bloodedly lies to his sister about purchasing honeymoon tickets to Paris. So I am left here to question, Who is Charles “Chuck” Bartowski?


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