Posted by: Staff | 03.04.2010

Lindsey Jacobellis: Fame by Failure


While she is arguably the most well known female snowboarder in the world, Lindsey Jacobellis had a rough run at the last Olympics in Torino and did not get the chance to redeem herself at the Vancouver Olympics last week. Four years ago in Torino, Lindsey Jacobellis had the gold medal in the palm of her hand; at the last jump she grabbed her board in attempt to do a trick and completely missed the landing. Despite having a huge lead, the fall caused the second place boarder to sail by Lindsey…and win the gold medal. The twenty-five-year old Vermont native was under a lot of media scrutiny after the incident that caused her to leave with only the silver medal. Had she been showing off? What really happened? One thing was for sure, the 2010 Vancouver Olympics was her chance to take the gold she should have won in Italy.

Last Monday, the broadcast of the women’s snowboard cross was live from Vancouver. The reporters discussed what had happened to Lindsey at the last Olympics and even showed the footage of her infamous fall. As she and four other boarders were getting ready to race, the last race before the medal qualifying round, everyone’s eyes were on Lindsey. She just needed to make it through this to have a chance at gold. The boarders took off and Lindsey appeared to have the lead. As they went by a turn, suddenly, she veered off to the side and went straight through a gate, disqualifying her from the race. Just like that her Olympic dreams were gone, again. I was shocked. I had been convinced that this was the year she would make up for her mistake. I felt bad for her; when you work hard day after day for one thing and then in ten seconds it’s gone it’s devastating. How can we expect these people to have a perfect run right when they need it, and if they don’t get it they are forced to wait until the next Olympics? All in all, I couldn’t help think back to the Olympics in Torino when she could have won gold. It goes to show that things can change in ways you could never imagine.


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