Posted by: Staff | 03.04.2010

Who is Daisy Jordan?

DaisySo I am sure you have all heard about the wonderful Daisy Jordan. She is a star basketball player on the Beaver Girls

Varsity Team. You know her on the court, but do you know her off the court? This is the Beaver True Hollywood Story of Daisy Jordan.

Brittany & Sophie: Who’s your inspiration?
Daisy Jordan: Everyone in my family: my mom, my dad, and my brother and sisters.

Brittany & Sophie: How long have you been playing basketball?
Daisy Jordan: Forever, when did I start playing? Kindergarden.

Brittany & Sophie: When did you fall in love with basketball?
Daisy Jordan: I don’t know (touches hair, bats eyelashes) I’ve always loved basketball (sigh)

Brittany & Sophie: Would you like to play professionally/in college?
Daisy Jordan: Yes, that’d be an honor.

Brittany & Sophie: Does anyone else in your family play basketball?Daisy and Team
Daisy Jordan: My dad played, my brother played, and two of my three sisters played.

Brittany & Sophie: What is your favorite team?
Daisy Jordan: I love the Celtics.

Brittany & Sophie: How do you like beaver?
Daisy Jordan: I like it a lot, and I like the teachers. They’re really nice, and the kids are cool.

Brittany & Sophie: Do you train throughout the year?
Daisy Jordan: Yes.

Brittany & Sophie: How many hours a week do you train?
Daisy Jordan: In the offseason about ten. During the season 6 days a week. You do the math.

Brittany & Sophie: If you didn’t play basketball, what other sport would you play?
Daisy Jordan: At my old school I played volleyball (in the fall) and basketball in the winter, I love volleyball; it’s so much fun. I’m mad they have it in the winter and not in the fall so I am not able to play.

Brittany & Sophie: Who’s your favorite teacher at Beaver?
Daisy Jordan: Mr. Lippman, Mr. Mckinney and Mr. Bryant. (But hey teachers don’t feel upset if you weren’t in the top three she was reluctant to choose a top three).

Brittany & Sophie: Who’s your favorite basketball player?
Daisy Jordan: I don’t really like to choose favorites; I just love to watch good players play.

Brittany & Sophie: What do you like to do that is not sports related?
Daisy Jordan: I love to watch movies, and eat; I’m a couch potato. I love to hang out with my familiy, my sisters, and brother especially. I love to play with my dog, I love dogs; but I don’t like the outdoors.


Water or Gatorade: Gatorade, I hate water like Mr. Bryant
Starbucks or Pete’s Coffee: I don’t like coffee, only hot chocolate or apple cider.
How tall is Daisy: 6’0
Heels or Flats: flats, I’m too tall to wear heels
Summer or Winter: Winter, basketball season
Beyonce or Alicia Keys: Alicia Keys
Favorite Junk Food: I eat everything. I love food; if I didn’t play basketball, I would be huge.

– Daisy loves polishing her nails, they are always polished… Hey beaver students, I dare you to find a day her nails aren’t polished!
– Daisy’s dads name is MICHAEL JORDAN!
– Daisy does NOT like baseball, she loves watching football games (not on tv), she loves watching UFC (ultimate fighting, boxing/martial arts) and also she loves watching gymnastics.


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