Posted by: Staff | 03.11.2010

A New Type of Ultimate


Last spring, Beaver’s Ultimate Frisbee team had one of their best seasons in recent history. Placing 4th in the St. Johnsbury Tournament and defeating a tough Milton team, Beaver proved to be very skilled and focused on winning. Their biggest win by far was the last game of the season against rival Gann Academy for the first time in at least five years. That game was one of the best sporting events I have ever competed in, and surely, one of the most rewarding games to be a part of. “Some mornings you wake up and look in the mirror and you can tell that that day is going to be either the best day of your life or the worst day of your life,” said former Captain Adam Offit ’09. “That has only happened to me three times in my life, and only once have I ended the day knowing that it was the best day of my life. That day for me was May 20th when we defeated Gann.” (On a side note, Offit sends out Facebook messages to the team the 20th of every month to remind us of our accomplishment.)

One of the key aspects of last year’s team was the massive amount of depth we had. With nineteen players total and thirteen returning players, younger players on the team were able to learn from and work with some of the veterans on the team. Also, the nine seniors were able to set a high level of intensity and commitment for the sport that the rest of the team followed.

Last year’s season was the peak of Ultimate at Beaver. We had a lot of passion from the very start of the season, and the commitment that the seniors showed the rest of the team was inspiring. With several amazing performances, especially against challenging CSW and BUA, the team’s record showed that the Ultimate program at Beaver was surely on the rise.

Losing nine seniors from the team is going to be hard for this year’s team to work around. There is only one returning starter to the team this year, and out of the select team that went to the St. Johnsbury tournament, only four of those players are on the roster this year. Coach Schatz and Coach Melvoin kept very detailed stats from last year’s season. Out of the 177 touchdowns scored last year, only 50 of those touchdowns were scored by non-seniors. Jon Zibrak ’09 and Sam Freeman ’09 were the main handlers on last year’s team, and Andrew Garcia ’09 was the main source of jokes on the team. Coach Melvoin was the only woman on the team last year and complimented Schatz’s knowledge of the game perfectly with her deep understanding of a teenage boy’s brain.

So what has Coach Schatz prescribed for the team this year? Run, run, and run. Practices have been a lot of running, and most of the drills are back to the basics which has been very useful for the younger players. With the addition of new assistant coach Chris Lamar, the players are becoming better route runners and aquiring football skills that will help them on the frisbee field. The team this year will really need to focus on fitness, making smart decisions, and out-willing their opponents. With their first game this season against Gann, Ultimate looks forward to having a competitive season this year.


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