Posted by: Staff | 03.13.2010

BCDS Mock Trial Finishes on Two Game Win Streak


The 2009-2010 year for Mock Trial was capped off by two consecutive wins. At the beginning of the year, Mock Trial was uncertain of how they were going to do because there were several members in Mock Trial who had never participated in a trial before, and had very important roles. Mock Trial had worked hard to get prepared for the trial. however only days before the trial their leader Mr. Gould departed to take care of his wife and baby. On top of losing their leader, Mock Trial also had two important members quit days before the trial. However, the team came together and made up the work that their old teammates left behind. Hours before the first trial everything finally came together and the Beaver Mock Trial team was prepared for their first trial. Beaver was set to face their first opponent, Boston College High School.

Although Beaver started off with a shaky performance by a newcomer, Zeke Satloff, several strong performances made up for his errors. Beaver lost by only one point but the group’s hard work payed off. Special recognition by the Judge was given out to Noah Kulick ’11 and Abina Cohen ’11. Despite a narrow one-point loss to the Eagles, Beaver was confident that they could overcome their first loss. In the second trial, strong performances by the whole team led to Beaver’s first win. Sheyda Bautista-Saeyan ’10 lead the team with the strongest performance of the year. Sheyda was the first and only Beaver Student to be awarded a ten out of ten for her performance during the trial by the judge. The final trial was another successful match, and the Beaver students handily beat out their opponents. The final record for the Beaver Country Day School Mock Trial team was two wins and only one loss. Mr. Gould deserves special recognition for his great coaching skills, as well as Melissa Catarra and Oris Bryant because they helped Mock Trial when Mr. Gould was on leave. There was only one senior on this year’s team, and next year Beaver looks to build upon this year’s success.


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