Posted by: Staff | 04.05.2010

Google Pulls a Fast One on April 1st


Last Thursday, Google changed its name to Topeka as a very clever and convincing April Fool’s Day joke. In an article  detailing the name change, Google explained how they came to this decision; it was in response to the Mayor of Topeka, Kansas’s idea to change the city’s name to Google for the month of March. “We’ve been wondering ever since how best to honor that moving gesture. Today we are pleased to announce that as of 1AM (Central Daylight Time) April 1st, Google has officially changed our name to Topeka.” The article went on to talk about the history of Topeka and how you would “Topeka” someone.

I personally was very impressed by Google’s joke. For such a big company, it was a clever way of using their influence to really spread the fun of April Fool’s day. By far, I think Google takes this year’s best joke, but is it the best ever? If you’re a fan of the show and movie Jackass or the website, you’ve seen some high quality pranks. My favorite skit would have to be the half million dollar shot prank.

What’s your favorite prank? Who did you prank this year? Share your stories and comment below.



  1. Well, I recall that quite a few “December fools” fell for my prank story that Mr. MacDonald was going to be on “Gossip Girl”…

  2. my favorite will be my senior prank

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