Posted by: Staff | 04.05.2010

The Return of Tiger


What a whirlwind the past 18 weeks have been. It would seem apparent that every day there was something new about Tiger Woods and his multitude of affairs. What started on Thanksgiving night in an Orlando (Windermere) driveway escalated into something much more: a national frenzy showing a plethora of alleged affairs, mistresses, the works. Yet it did not stop there. The story never got dull; it always took the bizarre unseen turn, with more women, sponsorship dumps, wild rumors, and even therapy. Out of 1-10 on the crazy scale, the atmosphere was an 11.

    Time to tone it down. Tiger Woods is back, and he will play at the Masters. Where a better place to start than The Masters? The Masters is the tournament where Tiger, at age 21, beat the rest of the field by 12 strokes, smashing the scoring record that had previously stood for 32 years. In the process, he won his first major and established himself in the world of golf. Since then, Tiger has won this same event a further 3 times.

           What is unique about The Masters is the fact that unlike the other major championships in golf, The Masters are played at the same course every year- the Augusta National Golf Club, in Augusta, Georgia. This course should play well for Tiger for many reasons. Firstly, the Masters is a controlled event; it is an invitational tournament, and only certain people are allowed on the course. Secondly, it should prove to be a welcoming crowd. Not only do golf fans tend to be more respectful, in the case of The Masters, the crowd is usually twice as respectful. On top of that, the tickets are extremely hard to get, so it is unlikely that anyone will go through with the process simply to boo one golfer. Tiger HAD to play The Masters… He is the best golfer in the world, he knows the course better than anyone, and, most importantly, he handles pressure better than anyone.

    A few weeks ago, I sent out a poll to assess the Beaver community’s opinion of Tiger Woods both as a person and a golfer. To my pleasant surprise, nearly 130 people partook in the survey. I got quite a bit of data from all the responses, and luckily –Thanks to google docs!- I organized it, and can now present it. Overall, I was not extremely surprised with the responses, as seen in these few examples:

Was Tiger Justified in his actions?

As displayed in the above chart, as expected, the majority of people do not think that Tiger was justified in his actions. Surprisingly, 17 people thought that Tiger was justified. The above chart is not surprising.

Do you still support/respect Tiger Woods as a person?


The above numbers nearly match national polling numbers. The only difference is that in the national poll, there are fewer uncertainties, and more approvals. The national numbers are 43% yes, 45% no, 9% unknown, and a surprising 3% that had never heard of Tiger’s issues.

Do you still support Tiger Woods as a golfer?

Beaver clearly is in support of Tiger as a golfer. I say, who couldn’t support him? Tiger is clearly the best golfer in the world, and people like winners. With 82% of people still supporting Tiger as golfer, it is a clear yes.

    Tiger Woods got himself in trouble with his family, his sponsors, the media, and the nation. It takes a true champion to come back from such a setback, and in the words of George Clooney in his recent film Up in the Air; “Anybody who ever built an empire, or changed the world, sat where you are now. And it’s because they sat there that they were able to do it”. I hope, no. I know Tiger is up to the Challenge.  



  1. I love tiger

  2. Tiger is still a boss.

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