Posted by: Staff | 04.08.2010

Welcome ESPN 3!


ESPN 360 recently changed its name to ESPN 3. Hopefully this means that soon there will be an ESPN 8, the Ocho, that will broadcast the annual Las Vegas Dodgeball tournament. ESPN 3 is an online video player that shows live games with a “sleek new interface.” The video player works extremely well, and it includes a score board for all sports. Though it will not take the place of watching sports on TV, ESPN 3 does seem like a great idea for bringing more attention to otherwise unwatched college and professional sports.

The name change makes a lot of sense. It never made sense to me that it went: ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 360. It seemed that there were 358 numbers that ESPN forgot to account for. Though ESPN 360 was a creative name (seeing how 360 is a pretty special number), ESPN 3 is a straight forward name. I think an even better name could have been ESPN Live because that would have meant that it broadcasted live sports around the clock. ESPN 3 could be deceiving because, unlike ESPN and ESPN 2, it does not show commercials and it is not found on your TV. Regardless, with a more sensible name, I plan to watch college sports on ESPN 3 in the near future.

ESPN 3 can be found at



  1. I would like to see Mickey Rooney on Larry King. Try if you can. Thank you

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