Posted by: Staff | 04.15.2010

A Frisbee Starr is Born


Ever since leaving Beaver last year, I have managed to maintain my relationship with some of my classmates, while losing complete contact with others. One person I have been fortunate enough to keep talking to is Tyler Starr. Tyler and I will text a few times a week, and I will talk to him on the phone every now and then as well. I even see him when I come home from college. The other day I was texting him and asked him a question about an aspect of his life (that I thought was pretty important). His response: “Sorry man, I’m focusing on Frisbee now.”

Tyler Starr is a dangerous man. No, you don’t need to arm yourselves, call 911, or lock your doors; let me explain what I mean; by looking at Tyler’s past accomplishments. He is the third of four brothers, with a respected athletic regime of Athletic awards and two varsity letters, and was the president of two thriving clubs (Dodgeball and Sketch comedy). Fast forward to Tyler’s Senior Spring. With his college spot secure, his workload is diminishing by the minute. Tyler Starr’s main focus on life resides on a 175 gram piece of plastic. With previous success in a hectic lifestyle, imagine what Tyler Starr can do with only one purpose in the closing days of his high school career. Like I said, Tyler Starr is a dangerous man.

Anyone can tell you that the Beaver Ultimate Frisbee team lost 9 seniors and a coach in the offseason. Does Tyler Starr have it in him to lead his team to a promising season? Of course. Because he is a dangerous man on the Frisbee field.

  Here is a brief interview detailing the life of this Ultimate force: 

When did you start playing Ultimate Frisbee?

I started playing freshman year.

What inspired you to start playing Ultimate Frisbee? How did you first get involved with the sport?

In elementary school, I first learned how to throw a disc. Though I played lacrosse in middle school, I made a very tough decision of switching to Ultimate. At the time, I was playing on a club soccer team in the spring for the first time, and I was led to believe that lacrosse was going to be too much of a time commitment. I also felt obligated to play Ultimate because my brother had played when he was in high school at Beaver.

What position do you play?

There aren’t really positions in Frisbee, but when we play a zone on defense, I play the back of the cup which is like corner back. On offense, I handle the disc a lot, but I’ve got an affinity to go long, which Coach Schatz doesn’t always like.

As a captain, what are some goals you have for the team this year?

I would really like to have a season above 500. It would be nice if we could beat Gann again, and a win against Pingree would be very rewarding. For some of the younger players, I hope as a team we can all help them really develop their skills and love of the game.

What is the biggest difference between this year’s and last year’s team?

Adam Offit, the rest of the seniors, and Ms. Melvoin. We lost a lot of players who made huge contributions to the team last year. We also had a lot more depth last year. One thing in particular that is different about this year’s team is that we are a lot quieter during stretches, which is very peaceful but not as humorous.

Are you playing Ultimate Frisbee outside of school?

No. I do plan on trying out for the Frisbee team in college.

Is Ultimate Frisbee your favorite spectator sport?

No. I like watching football the most.

Is Ultimate Frisbee your favorite sport to play?

It is definitely up there. I love street hockey, and anyone who has been to my house can probably tell you I play too  much floor hockey.

How time consuming is your Ultimate Frisbee career?

If I really want to make the Frisbee team in college, it will be a lot of running during the summer. During the Beaver season, it is not that time consuming, but very taxing physically.

What part of your game do you feel needs the most work?

My backhand. It is really important to have  both a strong forehand and backhand, and that is what I really would like to focus on this season.

During the offseason, how do you keep in shape?

I play soccer and squash, so, thankfully, that keeps me in shape. I throw around with Adam Offit on occasion, and I talk Ultimate with Schatz almost every day.

Who has been the most influential coach, teammate, or family member on your Ultimate Frisbee career?

This is very tough. I would have to say Adam Offit. We play, act, and look very similar, and over the past three seasons we have been covering each other during practices. Last season, we really pushed each other, and I benefited a lot from that. We also were very competitive in trying to see who would score the most points throughout the season; he ended up throwing the most touchdowns and I caught for the most touchdowns. Though the team is not the same without him, I try to embody his love for the game and skin tight under armor every practice. Sam Freeman has also played a large role in my Beaver frisbee career. And I probably shouldn’t forget to mention Andrew Garcia who was truly an inspiration last year.

What has been your favorite Ultimate Frisbee memory at Beaver?

Probably beating Gann last year in our last game. That was amazing.

What are some of the tactics the coaching staff is using to improve the Ultimate Frisbee program?

This year, there has been a large focus on endurance. Also, we have really gone back to the basics this season.

What do you predict your record will be for this year?

We usually beat all of the bad teams and lose to most of the good teams, so I would hope that we go 9-6.



Favorite movie: Fight Club or Do the Right Thing.

Favorite TV show: South Park

Favorite candy: Reese’s

Favorite subject in school: Math

Avatar, Good or Bad? Bad

Gatorade or Powerade? G2

Coke or Pepsi? Coke


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