Posted by: Staff | 04.15.2010

Ultimate Romps Belmont Hill: 15-10


For the second time in history, Beaver’s Ultimate Frisbee team beat Belmont Hill. In the fourth annual meeting, Beaver was too strong and resilient for the Belmont Hill team to handle. After falling behind early, Belmont took the lead to make the score 7-4. Led by seniors Geoff Mayer ’10 and Sam Lynch ’10, Beaver’s zone defense forced many turnovers and Beaver led going into half by one point, 8-7.  After a brief half time talk by the wonderful Coach Schatz and Coach Lamar, we were fired up and scored the next six points (14-7). This nine point run was the largest of the season. Though things got shaky, John Grosel ’12 came through in the clutch to score the winning point for Beaver (15-10).

Other highlights from the game included excellent performances by both Sam Potel ’11 and Buzz Haverty ’10. Potel is leading the team in touchdowns this year, and his presence in the end-zone terrified the Belmont Hill players. Haverty played his best game of the season, and was very relaxed while handling the disc. As a team, Beaver was able to thwart Belmont’s incessant long passes.



  1. That’s a great picutre of a great looking guy!

  2. That’s a great picture of a great looking guy!

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