Posted by: Staff | 04.26.2010

Tucker’s 5 Current Favorite YouTube Videos


YouTube has become a pop-culture phenomenon in this day and age.  A sort of internet-based water cooler for the masses, a place for people to share videos of just about everything.  Considering the overwhelming number of clips out there, allow me to be your guide to a few of the very best.  Some old, some new, all entertaining.

We begin with a recent ad from Old Spice.  Having already seen wild success earlier this year with their “I’m On a Horse” ad (which I would link to here, but that’s best saved for another time), Old Spice follows-up with this high-octane production.

Wow.  While it may have very little to do with anything deodorant related whatsoever, it sure is exciting, huh?  Terry Crews, the actor playing the virile, muscular protagonist, really makes this clip work.  Click through to the Old Spice YouTube page to find more testosterone-fueled action.

From jet-powered to stealthy and silent, we now take a turn into the world of ninja cats.  This one takes a little while to get going, but stick with it, because I promise, it’s worth it

See?  Wasn’t that worth it?  At first you may think, “Well this is thrilling, it’s a cat standing in a room,” but soon, as those piercing cat eyes move closer and closer, you start to get nervous.  Once the feline assassin reaches that desk chair you know you’re in trouble.  A few seconds later and BOOM!  That sneaky little guy is up in your face ready to jump right out of your screen.  Darn ninja cats.

This is one of my absolute favorite videos of all time.  Why?  About four minutes from now you’ll understand.

And boom goes that guy’s sportscasting career.  It is a complete train wreck, but it’s so fun to watch.  The best part may be when, after about ten seconds of speaking and two minutes of silence mixed with incoherent mumbling, our friend looks off camera and mouths “I’m so sorry.”  Don’t be sorry, dear Brian Collins, for you have given the world the greatest gift of all.  An awkward newscast.

From sheer awkwardness to unadulterated awesomeness.  Watch as John Carpenter, with a million dollars on the line, single handedly proves that common conventions of nervousness and pressure do not apply to men of his apparently staggering intellect.

Yes, he did just do that.  I cannot fathom how you could possibly have the composure to pull off a stunt like that while realizing that you’re about to be the owner of a brand-spanking-new, top-of-the-line stack of a million dollars.  Just ridiculously fantastic.

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to introduce this video, because everyone would have already seen it.  Preferably multiple times.  A Beaver classic, filmed in our very own Green Gym during Dodgeball Club a few years back.

Poor, poor Andrew Emmons.  Lucky, lucky us.  One of the greatest moments in Beaver history, captured on film.


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