Posted by: Staff | 04.29.2010

K’naan and Wale Put On an Unforgettable Performance


This was my first concert, ever, so being that I wanted to have a good time. Wale and K’nann were headlining a concert at the House of Blues on April 1, 2010. I went with friends that I knew would make this experience special. I really wanted to see Wale and I had been a fan of his music for a long time now. For some strange reason, his songs really spoke through to me and I felt like I could feel his pain when he was singing. The other headliner named K’naan is famous for his song, “ABC’s,” but I had never listened to any of music. In the beginning, I was stoked to see the kind of show these two artists could put on together, and in the end I left a very happy fan.

The surprise to me that night was the fabulous show put on by the artist K’naan. I was not familiar with his music at all and by then end of the concert I was jealous of the guy in the front with the black hat who knew every single word to all of his songs. Every song that he performed had a significant importance to K’naan, which was well illustrated to the audience. During his performance, he brought out a group of students whose friend had recently died that would have attended the concert. For them he did a special song called “Take a Minute,” which became very emotional for everyone in the audience. However, that was not the only sentimental part of the night as he also performed “Somalia,” which details his journey from Somalia to America. In the end, I learned to appreciate his music, not because of his fun-filled performance but because of the deep message behind it all.

The real reason I went to the concert was to see Wale so I was excited when he was about to come on stage. He performed songs like “Pretty Girls,” “World Tour,” and “Nike Boots.” The song that I really wanted to hear was called “90210,” which was about the dreams of young girls in Hollywood who will do anything for fame. The chorus goes, “She live her whole life like TV, she will do anything for everything, a regular girl celebrity dreams, she is 90210.” In the concert, the crowd sang along, as everyone knew the words to his song. Like K’naan, Wale also has music with heartfelt messages. He performed a song called, “Diary” and before he performed this song, he explained his journey of being heartbroken and even begins the song saying, “Rather lose love than to move on never knowing what it feel like.” Wale ended the concert by singing “Beautiful Bliss” that captured the audience. He then went on to autograph items from audience members and I made sure that he signed my ticket before I left!
What made the concert so memorable was not the high energy level of both artists but the fact that they make good music that actually speaks to people through its positive message. Ask me to go to see the two artists again and it will be a definite yes!


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