Posted by: Staff | 04.29.2010

World of Warcraft: The Story Behind the Addiction


Many people may have heard of the game “World of Warcraft.” They probably would have also heard that it is the most well known Mass-Multi Player Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) game in the world. What most people do not know is why it is so liked by those who play it. Currently, this game is played all over the world by over 11 million people, but most of them play it for their own reasons such as fun, or to make money. Some people have also heard that this game teaches life lessons and thus they have joined. It does not teach anything about life itself. However, this game teaches other valuable skills. Some of the many things this game teaches are friendship, co-operation, thoughtfulness and competitiveness.

    Friendship is one of the most important concepts in “World of Warcraft.” It is in almost everything that happens in this game. Some of this is shown in the beginning of the game, where one makes their way through zones and gets stronger as they progress through the game and gain experience to try to reach the highest level. This is where people make good friends, and although many people do not realize it, one’s friends do not have to be in real life. Friends are people who one can feel good being with and relaxing near. They are people who can help one through a troubled time. Nothing can help someone get less depressed then killing a giant monster with a friend. Friends are also shown later on in the game, once someone reaches the highest level. This person might then join a guild. A guild is a group of players who work together consistently. They plan around schedules to do things in a group. In guilds you can work together with a friend to do difficult things or you will be able to just hang out and talk. Often times, one can get some helpful advice from a guild friend.
    Once one makes it into a guild, the next part starts. There are many different guilds: casual guilds, player-vs.-computer guilds, player-vs.-player guilds, and achievement guilds. In each of these one must cooperate with their fellow players. In casual guilds, one person will often help out another person so that they can play together in fun parts of the game. In players-vs.-computer guilds, people work together to defeat enemies who would be far too strong to be able to kill alone, but together with the correct strategy can be killed with the proper group of people.  In player-vs.-player guilds, the players work together to fight against other players and defeat them in combat, using unique abilities and spells. And finally, in achievement guilds, people work together to do things in strange ways, such as, rather than killing a boss in the easiest way, making it harder to kill him, and getting something for it. Or they could do world events to unlock achievements and fulfill goals of the game. Overall this game at the end has an enormous amount of co-operation and teamwork involved.
    The third important thing that is learned from this game is thoughtfulness. In this game people need to think about what they want to do and work towards that. These people also have to work to pick the right guilds for their personality and thus think about what they want to do. They have to use critical thinking to figure out what their character is fit for. People also have to think about what would be the most helpful for other people because if you help other people than other people will help you. At the beginning of the game, there are different zones where you can gain your experience. Someone could play in a gloomy forest, or in a barren wasteland. Thoughtfulness is required to decide which you would choose. Even earlier, one needs to think very hard to decide which of nine classes they want to be, and which of ten races they want to be. Overall, there are hundreds of different combinations to do.
    The fourth thing people learn is competitiveness. The main way one learns competitiveness in this game is by doing player verses player combat. This will help educate the player for the real world where someone is constantly fighting for jobs and other important positions. In addition, one needs competitiveness to fight for what they want and believe in. These important values are learned through this part of the game. Furthermore, even if someone does not enjoy player verses player combat, they can still learn how to be competitive. In all other guilds and even when someone does not have a guild they still will find rivals and opponents to be competitive with. Overall this game certainly does a great job of teaching people how to be competitive and fight for what they believe in.
    Of course, these are not the only reasons people play “World of Warcraft.” Some people play this game because they find it relaxes them and, in the case of students, this game can take their mind off homework so that they can take a break for a while. Most people can find that when they come back to their work after enjoying this game, they can rethink and change things so it is more accurate. Another reason people play “World of Warcraft” is because it is fun. A game cannot have eleven million people who play it just based off of lessons that are learned from playing. The last reason that will be mentioned in this article   is that it simply fills up the time. It can be played for hours on end without ever having the same thing happen for more than thirty minutes. The game is constantly changing and growing to fit the needs and wants of the players. Overall, “World of Warcraft” is an important game that has done more than change the player’s time schedules. It has changed their lives.



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