Posted by: Staff | 05.03.2010

Top Five Beaver Lunches


Every day the Beaver student and faculty member anticipates what will be for lunch that day. As some approach the board outside of the cafeteria they are hoping it’s one of their favorites. As they leave the board some are disappointed while others leave happy. Here are the lunches that Beaver loves so much, that when they see it on the board, they know they can have a great rest of the day.

1. Pizza Day
Everyone loves pizza day, there is no denying that this is number one.

2. Chicken Nuggets with the various sauce choices
Chicken nuggets can be very plain, but when you add the sauces, they become magical.

3. Chicken Patties
Chicken patties will always be a good lunch, especially when both the students and faculty can eat them.

4. Hamburger Day with french fries
The Panini line can be very long when we have hamburgers as everyone waits to melt their cheese.

5. Taco Day
Tacos are always a festive lunch, especially when you add the guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, and cheese.



  1. Somehow, these results don’t surprise me. What are the 5 least favorite? And does this data include staff and students? Bet the responses are different!

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