Posted by: Staff | 05.10.2010

The Triple Threat: Matty Friedman


As one of Beaver’s only seniors to play three varsity sports, Varsity Lacrosse Captain Matt Friedman ’10 has played a significant role in this year’s athletic program. He played a large defensive role for the soccer team, his leadership helped lift the varsity basketball team to a title, and his hardwork and commanding skills make him a powerful force on the lacrosse field. One of Friedman’s great additions to the lacrosse program this year was organizing and acquiring flashy warm ups for the team which have truly brought the team together. Here is an inside look at his lacrosse career at Beaver.

When did you start playing Lacrosse?
I do not really remember, but somewhere around 5th grade.

What inspired you to start playing lacrosse? How did you first get involved with the sport?
My best friend played it, so I just started to play as well.
What position do you play?
As a captain, what are some goals you have for the team this year?
Make it to NEPSACs.
What is the biggest difference between this year’s and last year’s team?
We are much closer with each other.
Are you playing lacrosse outside of school?
Yes, I played club this summer.
Is lacrosse your favorite spectator sport?
No, I like to watch football and basketball more.
Is lacrosse your favorite sport to play?
How time consuming is your lacrosse career?
Very, I barely have any time to do anything else.
During the offseason, how do you keep in shape?
By being in the gym as much as possible.
Who has been the most influential coach, teammate, or family member on your lacrosse career?
It’s a tie between Anderson, Brooks, and coach Walsh.
What has been your favorite lacrosse memory at Beaver?
Last year during Hilton Head, we saw something that you don’t see very often.
How does playing lacrosse for coach Brooks differ from playing for Coach Walsh?
It’s similar, because Brooks learned everything he knows from Coach Walsh.
How do having beautiful warm-ups help your team?
If you look good you play good.
What do you predict your record will be for this year?
Not sure, we are just trying to win one game at a time.

Favorite movie: Beverly Hills Ninja
Favorite TV show: Spartacus
Favorite candy: take 5
Favorite subject in school: Math
Avatar, Good or Bad? Good
Gatorade or Powerade? Gatorade
Coke or Pepsi? Coke
Anything else you’d like to say? Nope


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