Posted by: Staff | 05.13.2010

Girls Varsity Lacrosse Wins with Seconds to Spare


The Girl’s Varsity Lacrosse team started off their season strong this year, by beating Gann Academy, Bancroft, and Concord Academy. The team took home their fourth consecutive win against Lexington Christian Academy (LCA) this past Friday. Knowing that beating LCA would give them a winning record, Beaver went into the game excited, full of energy, and passion to win.

During the game, Beaver started off strong, with a score of 5-1 in the first five minutes of the game. Just as the team became confident of their win, Lexington Christian Academy came back aggressively, ready to fight for the victory on their home field. The remainder of the game failed to reach a dull moment. Neither the players nor the coaches were able to stand still on the sidelines as they watched the evenly matched game.

Although LCA was in the lead during the second half, Beaver did not lose hope; they wanted this win, and the team made this very clear. Teammates on the sidelines were screaming and yelling encouraging comments to each other on the field. The game was tied during the last 5 minutes, and Beaver had the ball. Everyone watched, their muscles tensed, as they watched Beaver score a goal with 2 minutes left in the game. With 1 minute left a Beaver player ran the ball down the field. With the clock slowly counting down the last 50 seconds, Beaver scored, putting them 2 goals ahead of LCA. As the clock dwindled, the Girl’s Lacrosse Team ran to hug their goalie Maddy Ferry ’12. The Beaver Girls Varsity Lacrosse team achieved what they never thought to be possible last year; they came out of the season with a winning record.


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