Posted by: Staff | 05.17.2010

Dissecting Beaver’s Clubs


Clubs are an important part of the High School experience. It is rare that students get the opportunity to get together to do something that they are passionate about, be it Anime and Manga or Improv.  I decided to venture out into this student-organized madness and find out more of what some of these clubs were all about and how their year has been.

Gay Straight Alliance Club

Interviewee: Mariah Shore

What is the GSA club’s purpose?

The purpose of the GSA is to gather as a group of people who support the GLBTQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, and Questioning) community. We talk about issues within the school and the world and try to reach out to the Beaver community to create a more accepting environment at Beaver.

What have you done this year to represent your club and it’s intentions within the school?

Well, right now we are working on the Day of silence, which is April 16th. The Day Of Silence is a day to commemorate and support people who are currently being bullied or have been bullied because of their sexual identity or gender-expression.

In retrospect, how do you think the Day of Silence went? How about the year as a whole?

I think that the day of silence was successful, but then again I feel that it will always be successful if we make people think. I believe we have done that this year. I think that the GSA did great this year we did have some scheduling issues but we pulled through and I think that we had a successful year.

What inspired you to get involved with the GSA?

I have two moms, so I was pretty much raised in the GLBTQ community. I think it’s really important that people understand that they are not alone in high school, [which is] such a crucial time for developing your sense of self. It is so important that the GLBTQ community here feels supported and knows that there are others who understand their challenges. [Without this group] It would be like a person of color in an all-white high school and not having the support they need to deal with the racial issues that are going on. I think the GSA is just as important as any other cultural club at Beaver.

Producer’s Club Co-Presidents: Sean Daly, Garret Ekpunobi, and Jake LiBassi

Interviewee: Garret Ekpunobi

So why did you start the Producer’s Club?

We needed to carry on the legacy of Michael Manning, Vann Taylor, and Steve Robinson.  They taught us so we didn’t want the club to die because we liked it a lot.

What happens in the Producer’s club?

We listen to a lot of music by hip hop producers and we get inspiration from them and make our own [music].

What would you say the Producer’s club has done on a school-wide basis

As a whole, we have contributed a few songs to the Basketball Team’s warm up CD, and we were hoping to give a presentation to the school but that hasn’t worked out that well so far.

What are your hopes for the Producer’s club next year?

That hopefully we get a lot more people who like hip hop and techno music and have them continue our legacy as the Producer’s club.


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