Posted by: Staff | 05.17.2010

The Weeknight Television Lineup


Monday night is a toss up between NBC’s Chuck and CBS’s How I Met Your Mother.  CBS has the best Monday night primetime with Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men, and The Big Bang Theory” as well as “How I Met Your Mother”. Despite CBS’s quanity, NBC surely has quality. In my honest opinion, Chuck is probably the most addicting and well thought out show currently. A great plot combined with actionpacked violence and a little bit of romance makes Chuck Monday night’s winner.

NBC again has the best show of the night. “Parenthood” is crazy, ridiculous, but believable, and lovable. A great cast, with great story lines makes “Parenthood” unpredictable.  However, one problem with the show
“Parenthoodis that the writers do not break up the heartbreak, and the excitement. One week will be all happy whereas the other week will be all sad. Fun fact: Did you know that “Parenthood” was also a 1990 show directed by Ron Howard.

Wednesday night is home to probably both the most enjoyable half an hour, and craziest hour in television. “Modern Family”, which airs on ABC is one of the only T.V. shows that will keep you entertained for the full 30 minutes. The show is very witty, and can make the funniest
scenes out of the most common situations. The other is the “Challenge: Fresh Meat II”. Awesome challenges, crazy people, and intense alliances make this show a must watch. Both of these shows are very fun to watch, which makes Wednesday night the best night for T.V.

Thursday night in my opinion contains one of the most intellectual and exciting shows of the week. “Flash Forward” contains math, science, action, and excitement. The plot is action packed, however it is very easy to follow along as long as you continuously watch.  After showing this show to several of my friends, all of them are hooked. This show is a must watch, and one of the best shows of the 2009-2010 season.



  1. Lost is better than Parenthood and FlashForward is getting canceled

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