Posted by: Staff | 05.20.2010

Solution To Crossword Puzzle


Here is the solution for the May print issue crossword puzzle created by Mr. Schatz.


1 Beaver’s plaza’s name

3 Guitar-playing top talent

5 Sleep-in day

7 Coffee house host

9 He made you read this paper

13 Senior oarswoman

14 The seniors couldn’t do it all together

15 A Beaver hangout

16 Fencing lawyer

17 She does this to conquer in advanced drama

23 Part of EIL

26 Beaver nine’s squatter

27 Acting veep

28 Musicians sans boys

29 Line that approaches school


1 Diallo’s clarinet

2 Cheese at third base?

4 Bau and Roberts costume part 1

6 Beaver female who’s a member of a pack?

8 What we do too much of at all-school meetings

10 Jazz band concert locale

11 All-school representative to your folks

12 DT’s scarf?

13 Piers’s favorite ride

15 Forecasted winners of annual spring basketball match-up

18 Deals aces

19 A Beaver hangout

20 Willy’s winter passion

21 He’s the fourth in his family

22 Ibbie’s position

24 “Put a ring on it” surprise

25 Soccer’s insurance man?

27 Bau and Roberts costume part 2


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