Posted by: Staff | 09.30.2010

Beaver Varsity Field Hockey Battles LCA in Overtime


Last Friday, September 24th, Beaver played long time rival, Lexington Christian Academy (LCA).

In the beginning of the game Beaver started off strong. The team dominated possession on LCA’s half.The game was evenly matched, both teams relentlessly trying to score a goal. After a tiring first half with many back and forth passes, clears up the side of the field and corners, the team ran off the field with the score reading 0 to 0.

As half time was ending, the Beaver players were re-energized, excited to head back onto the field and determined to score a goal. Throughout the entire second half, both teams put up a hard fight, attempting to take numerous shots on goal.

Nora Demic, junior goalie, made amazing saves, diving for the ball each time. Unfortunately the game ended with the score still 0 to 0, but there was still more time. The game quickly shifted into a 7 vs. 7 overtime game.

Neither the players nor the coaches were able to stand still on the sidelines as they watched the game. Girls were screaming encouraging comments to each other from the side of the field. You could feel the excitement mixed with nerves from the field.

Beaver carried the ball down the field heading towards LCA’s goal, but the ball was soon picked up by an LCA player. The Beaver girls ran hard and persevered, but unfortunately LCA scored.

Although Beaver did not come out with a win, the team was proud of their efforts and knew they had given all the strength they had left.


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