Posted by: Staff | 09.30.2010

Lady Gaga and Ke$ha: The Powerhouses of Popular Culture


Since Lady Gaga’s first hit single, Just Dance, came onto the radio in October 2008; she took the world by storm.

Since then, She has had seven hit singles and is currently headlining her own tour called the “Monster Ball Tour”. Lady Gaga has a unique personality and is not afraid go all out in what she does. With an original name and an original style, she is one of a kind.

However, recently, a new pop artist stepped onto the scene, also with a somewhat unique name: Ke$ha. Her first single, Tik-Tok, plus her oddly spelled name, easily attracted some media attention. Not long after, her second single, “Blah-Blah-Blah” featuring the group 3OH!3, was released to the radio stations across the country.

Now, people are definitely talking about Ke$ha as much as Lady Gaga. Among discussion of Ke$ha, she is often compared to Lady Gaga. Her performance costumes are quite odd as well, and her personality seems pretty out there. Ke$ha often has glitter splattered over half of her face, sometimes she’ll wear a large feathered headdress, and most of her very sparkly and short costumes often urge me to beg the question, “What in the world does she have on?” And not always in a positive way.

A Beaver Sophomore explains, “I think that Lady Gaga is much more artistic than Ke$ha. Ke$ha simply delivers pop songs and in comparison is nowhere as creative as Lady Gaga.” Many people can agree that Lady Gaga is more unique with her style.

“Ke$ha has really catchy songs, but in comparison to all the pop stars we’ve seen before her, she doesn’t stand out that much. Whereas Lady Gaga outshines other artists with her eccentric style and songs,” another sophomore stated.

In an online poll, twelve out of twenty-four poll takers voted for Lady Gaga, ten voted for Ke$ha, and two were undecided. One polltaker that sided with Gaga said, “Gaga is awesome and genuine! She really has a story behind her songs.” While another defended Ke$ha in saying, “Ke$ha- because she actually sings about fun stuff. She’s definitely not afraid to be herself. [She wouldn’t] just go crazy to get attention.”

Obviously, Lady Gaga has been in the music business longer than Ke$ha has. She knows what she is doing and who she is. Sure, they are both pretty wild with their songs and fashion, but Lady Gaga is more of an artist on her way to the top, while Ke$ha seems to be on the road to rehab.
So what do YOU think? Who do you like better as an artist in the music business? Who has more talent? Who’s more original and unique? Who will be the next queen of pop? Lady Gaga? Or Ke$ha?



  1. Omg, my station in Philly is letting us pick who we want to see at their Jingle Ball! You have to vote for Ke$ha! Just go to

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