Posted by: Staff | 10.06.2010

Ikonoclastic: Ladies Singing More Than Blues


“Come again, yeah yeah, come again, yeah yeah.”

Jasmine Houston '11 performing in South Pacific last spring

The various harmonies, melodies, and beats created by the ladies of Ikonoclastic are ones that are looked forward to by the Beaver community throughout the year.

The group, consisting of, Jasmine Houstonn ’11, Samantha Law ’12, Alexys Butler ’12, Alexia Simpson ’13, and Rachel Dolgov ’11, puts on a tremendous show each year at Ryles.

Some may think that people go to Ryles taste the fabulous Buffalo wings, but the main attraction is Ikonoclastic. Led by Ms. Norgaard the group re-creates popular R&B, pop, and soul/funk songs to its own arrangement, putting their own little twist on the music. The all-girls jazz band, an afternoon activity, usually meets in the winter term, but has been switched to the fall term this year.

The typical schedule of a rehearsal starts by all of the members sitting down and talking about songs they want to sing. Each girl puts her input into the song selection and soon, a list is formed.

Rachel Dolgov '11 performing in Women of Setzuan last year

Ikonoclastic is a very hands-on group; they change arrangements of songs, and experiment with keys and harmonies. Trials and trials are performed until the group is ready for the performance. Then the fun part comes: the performing.

The group puts no limitations on what they perform; there is a wide range of music. In the past they have performed, “Honey” by Erykah Badu, “Chasing Pavements” by Adele, “ABC” by the Jackson 5, “That Thing” by Lauryn Hill, etc.

In a quote by junior Samantha Law, she hypothesizes how the group will turn out this year, “I think the small group will be very close-knit and have a successful term.” The girls are all looking forward to a great year, and from what I hear, the group is off to a great start.


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