Posted by: Staff | 11.03.2010

Four BCDS Teachers Talk Kindles


Some have argued over whether or not electronic reading devices are a good thing, or a disaster.

Here are a couple of facts about the kindle that may help add some background information on this subject. The Kindle can carry many books and still take up the same amount of room. However on the side of books is the fact that they are cheaper if you buy only a few and the fact that they have color in them. Now that we have heard some of both sides lets get some expert opinions on this debate.

I interviewed four different teachers and they each had different things to say about the subject. Ms. Nickerson, the first teacher I interviewed, got her Kindle only recently. She said she loves the Kindle. Ms. Nickerson said that she does miss the feel of a book, but also says she misses being able to take a book to read in the bathtub. However, she said she loves the Kindle because books are cheaper and it is really convenient.

When asked whether or not she likes being able to look up words in the dictionary she said she absolutely loves being able to do so. On the other hand she admittedly doesn’t like the pictures on the kindle. Ms. Nickerson’s opinion ultimately is, although it has some bad perks, ultimately the good outweigh the bad.

The next teacher I interviewed was Mrs. Catarra. She bought her Kindle this August. She said that at first she was skeptical because, as a history teacher, she values books. The moment the Kindle entered her hands, however, she was won over. She thought she would miss books, but the convenience of the Kindle outweighs the nostalgia due to the fact that you can start your next book instantly, instead of looking in the bookstore for a new one.

Another thing she said in favor of the kindle was the fact that in using it one feels like they are helping the environment, due to all the paper used in books. On the topic of being able to see the definition of a word when you just select a word, she said that it inspired her to read in depth and actually learn what words mean. She also said that it inspired her to read the classics and pushed her past her comfort zone due to the fact that classics are free on the Kindle, whereas when she went to the bookstore she was always attracted to the flashy new covers.

When asked about pictures, she said there was something beautiful about the black and white pictures. Unlike Ms. Nickerson, Mrs. Catarra has no mixed feelings about the kindle, she enjoys it a lot and doesn’t regret getting it at all. However, not everybody loves the Kindle so much.

One such person is Mr. Yeoh. Mr. Yeoh does not currently have a Kindle. When asked his feelings about it, he strongly expressed his distaste. He said that he was old fashioned and that he doesn’t like the idea of electronic books. Mr. Yeoh also said he enjoys going to a bookstore due to a couple of reasons.

One such reason is browsing. Mr. Yeoh believes that browsing is an important part of visiting the bookstore and buying books. He enjoys looking around to find more books and seeking a new book by looking at covers and the descriptions. Another thing that he likes is the feel of a bookstore all together. It just has something special about it, which is, according to Mr. Yeoh, preferable to shopping for books online. Although he said he realizes that the Kindle is more green, he still prefers books. As one can see, not everyone is a Kindle fan.

Another book fan is Mr. Lippman. One reason he likes the book so much is because of the feel of the book beneath his fingers. When asked as an English teacher on whether the Kindle will inspire people to read he said that he really did not think that the Kindle will help promote reading. However, he does think that the I-Pad will do this very thing.

His reasoning was that the Kindle is only for reading, thus most kids will not buy it. However, the I-Pad is a device that has other uses, some of which will also appeal to children. Overall, 50% of the teachers were for the Kindle and 50% were against it.

Now it is up to you, will you try the Kindle and maybe forgo the book, or stick with what is familiar and continue reading books?



  1. Good article. I have a correction though, it’s iPad. Not I-Pad

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