Posted by: Staff | 11.10.2010

BCDS View on Voting


Voting in the United States is viewed as a privilege and something that many teens look forward to being able to do at the age of 18. Every person who votes makes a difference whether or not they feel like they do. It is a big step in your life to be able to have an input on the decisions of your city, state, or countries government. We decided to talk to a senior who is 18 and was able to vote for his first time in the past gubernatorial election.

Recently teen voting has been on the rise thanks in part to publicity

Kyle Proman was able to vote for his first time this year. The way voting works in his district is that the people were line up according to the first letter of their street name. After showing his ID to the desk, he was told where to go. He entered the voting line and was nervous about standing in the wrong line. I asked what he felt like after submitting his vote. “I didn’t feel like I had much of a decision or that my vote would make a difference, but it was cool to be able to have an input in the decisions in our government and the laws in our area”.

Voting is a big deal whether or not you know it. Being able to have that freedom and be able to voice your opinion is a right that the United States is lucky to have. Think back to the time when a large part of society was unable to vote, and notice how far we have come as a Democratic country. It is a big deal and the seniors definitely realized how fortunate they are to have the privilege.


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