Posted by: Staff | 11.11.2010

Letter from Noah Boskey at The Island School


Dear classmates, teachers, coaches, and friends-

The Island School Campus

Hello from The Island School! I am halfway through my semester here on Eleuthera and I wanted to update my school on what I have been doing the past two months, and what I still have left during my semester away.

There are 47 students and about 20 faculty members at The Island School. We live, eat, study, and explore on a campus that depends on solar and wind power, rain collection for water, and bio-diesel for transportation. Living on a sustainable

campus that strives to be zero waste is sometimes a challenge, but has taught me so much about conservation and living well. I truly feel “home” here and am deeply connected to the people and island.

We are currently in what we call an “8-day kayak rotation”, which means over the next three weeks we cycle through an academic week on campus, a three day “Down Island Trip” and an 8-day kayak expedition. Right now I am in my academic week on campus. This week I have done
a lot of work for my human ecology class. We are in a unit that focuses bio-diesel.

Yesterday in class I learned that fast food oil from the fryers can be made into diesel to fuel our vans and boats. During the 8-day kayak trip we have a 48-hour solo in which we are completely alone and isolated. It was really challenging and emotional at times but striving through it is what the school’s all about.

One of the big components of our time here at The Island School is research. I am in the Flats research group. Our research projects focuses on studying bonefish and the effects of global warming on marine life. This entails catching bonefish and simulating pH and temperature changes and then measuring their metabolic rates.

Students participating in class outside

The Flates research group is important at The Island School because it contributes so much to the Bahamian economy, and the data we collect could be useful in making regulations. I have really enjoyed learning about our impact on the environment and how to use the respo gear. In a month we have a research symposium in which we present our research findings and overview to our parents as well as government officials of The Bahamas.

I am excited to present research that I am proud of and that will affect life on this island even after I depart. There are six students in my research group and two faculty advisors, we have worked hard this semester on our project.

My favorite part of my semester so far has been my homestay- I was staying in a settlement called Rock Sound with my family- a mom, two daughters, and my buddy Wayde. We ate traditional Bahamian food (conch fritters, peas and rice, coleslaw, and grouper) and I loved being immersed in the community. This experience helped me to gain a sense of the island of where I am living.

Morning exercise is another big component of our time here at The Island School. We have the choice of either running a half marathon (13.1 miles) or swimming a “Super Swim” (4 miles) at the end of November. I have decided to train for the half marathon. It is going really well so far,
all of the faculty and students participate in morning exercise and my running has gotten a lot stronger and faster. I am feeling ready and confident for the long run! We do other workouts such as yoga, team sports, “run-swims”, and free-diving. It is amazing to start the day by run at

6:30 am and cheering each other on. We begin each morning by singing the Bahamian National Anthem before we work out. I feel really connected to the island I am living on and the people and community I am a part of here.

I miss everyone from home but am excited to continue on my Island School journey- I know there will be new challenges to come in the next two months. This has been an amazing experience already and I am thankful to everyone at Beaver for encouraging me to come here and for making this opportunity possible for me. I am excited to return to Beaver and share more about my experience at The Island School. See you in December!

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