Posted by: Staff | 11.18.2010

BCDS Cross Country Win EIL Tournament


Tim King '12, Taylor Pierce '11, Harry Bachrach '11

On Friday, November 5th the Cross Country team had their biggest meet of the year, the EIL Tournament, at Franklin Park. This was where they raced against all of the schools in the Eastern Independence League, a total of 257 runners. The course was 3 miles long in which runners had to tramp through puddles and mud in the woods.

The Boys team had a strong victory winning the EIL Tournament with thirty points. Since they won they received a trophy that will be displayed in the athletic center and a banner will be hung up in the gym as well. For individuals the boys had four runners place in the top ten out of a total of 140 runners. Joe Conelly came in second with a time of 17:11, George Wright came in third with a time of 17:36, Harry Bachrach came in fifth with a time of 18:08 and Taylor Pierce came in ninth with a time of 18:12.

The girls team was able to qualify with six runners and came in eighth out of ten with 198 points beating Concord Academy (206) and Lexington Cristian Academy (312). Out of the 117 runners in the girls race three of the beaver girls placed in the top forty. Alexandra Bernard came in twenty third with a time of 22:46, Sonya Raab came in thirty fourth with a time of 23:56, Maya Blair came in thirty sixth with a time of 23:58.

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