David Price ’14 came by to discuss his past, present, and future soccer career.


Price '14 drop kicks the ball across the field


Only four games into the season the freshman starting goalie has already made a name for himself with two great wins and two very close losses. As well as information about David, this interview includes helpful advice for those who are trying to be recruited for high school and college soccer.

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This year Beaver was lucky enough to gain three freshman varsity soccer players who are new to Beaver.


Silmar Bueno '14 exhibits precise ball handling


Their names are Silmar Bueno, Zach LaCava, and David Price. We got to interview Silmar and Zach. Not only are they a great asset to the team but their hard work extends further than the soccer field. We hope this interview gives the Beaver community an inside look at these two exceptional student athletes.

What school did you go to before Beaver and where do you live?

Zach: I live in Wayland Massachusetts and I went to Wayland public schools.

Silmar: I went to Framingham public schools and live in Framingham Massachusetts.

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Posted by: Staff | 10.06.2010

Ikonoclastic: Ladies Singing More Than Blues


“Come again, yeah yeah, come again, yeah yeah.”

Jasmine Houston '11 performing in South Pacific last spring

The various harmonies, melodies, and beats created by the ladies of Ikonoclastic are ones that are looked forward to by the Beaver community throughout the year.

The group, consisting of, Jasmine Houstonn ’11, Samantha Law ’12, Alexys Butler ’12, Alexia Simpson ’13, and Rachel Dolgov ’11, puts on a tremendous show each year at Ryles.

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Inception is a contemporary science- fiction, action packed film set within the architecture of the mind.

Your mind becomes the scene of the crime in a world where technology is used against the mind to then invade the dream. Inception leaves you guessing until the very last second of the film.

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Posted by: Staff | 09.30.2010

College Column Week One: When Does it all Start


Dear Fellow Beaver Reader Readers,

This could be the start of something new.

No, but seriously. The Beaver Reader is starting a new college column, initiated by yours truly. The column will post advice every week about the exciting college process. Topics can range anywhere from SAT vs. ACT, early decision vs. regular decision, big school vs. small school, etc.

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Last Friday, September 24th, Beaver played long time rival, Lexington Christian Academy (LCA).

In the beginning of the game Beaver started off strong. The team dominated possession on LCA’s half.The game was evenly matched, both teams relentlessly trying to score a goal. After a tiring first half with many back and forth passes, clears up the side of the field and corners, the team ran off the field with the score reading 0 to 0.

As half time was ending, the Beaver players were re-energized, excited to head back onto the field and determined to score a goal. Throughout the entire second half, both teams put up a hard fight, attempting to take numerous shots on goal.

Nora Demic, junior goalie, made amazing saves, diving for the ball each time. Unfortunately the game ended with the score still 0 to 0, but there was still more time. The game quickly shifted into a 7 vs. 7 overtime game.

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Since Lady Gaga’s first hit single, Just Dance, came onto the radio in October 2008; she took the world by storm.

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