Editors-in-Chief: Gabby Gutman ’11, Sebastian Smith ’11
Sports Editors: David Herman ’12, Zeke Satloff ’12
School Life Editor: Amirah Maraj Mahdi ’12, Taylor Hayes ’12
Opinion Editors: Joesph Randles ’12, Sophie Dietz ’11
Arts & Living Editor: Kirsten Gute ’11, Sara Radin ’12
Copy Editors: Emily Belowich ’11, Carli Jaff  ’12
Miscellany Editor: Neddy Bechwith ’11

Beaver Reader 09-10 Staff Picture

More about our wonderful staff:
Robin Neal, English Teacher  ’11, ’12, ’13
Mr. Robin Neal has been working with student publications for thirteen years. While student newspapers are a relatively new format to him, he helped start the student newspaper at his former school and is excited to be working with the excellent staff already in place at Beaver. He is particularly interested in guiding students’ reflection on the scope, style, and vision of The Beaver Reader, helping them create a publication that highlights the unique student body at BCDS. In his spare time, which is admittedly limited, he enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and NOT owning a cell phone or T.V.

Sebastian Smith is a junior at BCDS. This is his third year at the school and his second year working for the Beaver Reader. Sebby is one of the sports editors and is thoroughly enjoying it. Sebastian has an avid passion for science which drove him to work at the Broad Institute in Cambridge for the spring term of his sophomore year. Sebby is very involved in social action at Beaver and is a member of SALs. As of now, he is busy preparing for the college application process.

Connor Madigan is a junior here at “da Beav” and the editor of the Arts and Living section. He is a country music fan but don’t hold it against him. He has a thing for motorcycles, books, and books about motorcycles. In school he is Head tech for the fall play. Outside of school Connor boxes in Brockton and Stoughton.

Emily Belowich is a junior here at Beaver.  She is one of the copy editors for the newspaper and has been at Beaver since 6th grade.  Other than being on the newspaper, she is also a tour guide and a part of student council.  Emily plays basketball year round, and her favorite subjects in school are English and History

Gabby Gutman ’11 is one of the copy editors for the Beaver Reader. At Beaver, she is a Social Action leader and a member of the Jewish Culture Club. Gutman has also played varsity soccer and varsity tennis since her freshman year. She looks forward to a great year and many successes with the Beaver Reader.

Brett Duboff is a senior at Beaver and a lifer. He plays ultimate Frisbee and participates in the Robotics team at Beaver. He is also tri-president of the Dodgeball club. Brett is a huge Boston sports fan and mainly writes about sports. He is looking forward to writing articles and being a part of the newspaper.

Kirsten Gute is a junoir at BCDS, and she started in seventh grade.  She has been on the newspaper for the past year and plays field hockey and squash.  She is also a member of SAL’s.  She is writing for the Cooking Corner and is very excited for the year!

Amirah Mahdi is in the 11th grade at Beaver. This is her second year involved with the newspaper. Amirah came to Beaver in the 6th grade. Her hobbies include science and dance. At Beaver, Amirah is also a Head Admissions Ambassador, a member of SAL’s, and a junior editor of the yearbook.

Sophie Dietz is a junior at beaver, and she just started writing for the Beaver Reader. She is very interested in current events and the economy. Outside of school Sophie loves to play tennis and also plays field hockey.

Taylor Hayes is a sophomore at Beaver and is enjoying her first year writing for the paper. Taylor is interested in fashion design, writing, and reading a good book. She is the co-president of the BCDS speech team and enjoys working on the costume crew for Beaver productions.

Julia Cohen is a junior at Beaver and has been on the newspaper since last year. She likes to write in the student life section and is excited to write many more articles! She also plays field hockey and lacrosse.

Ally Sass is a junior and currently writes for the Arts and Living section of the Beaver Reader. She likes writing, reading, theater, and having a good time. Ally is in the Mock Trial and Sketch Comedy club at school, and she is also in the fall play. She likes being around friends and trying new, fun, and exciting things.

Sara Radin is a sophomore at BCDS.  Her interests include fashion, photography, and, of course, writing.  She plans to write articles about art, school life, and sports for the Beaver Reader.

Brittany Volcy is a junior at Beaver. She is originally from New Jersey, and her sister Christina, brother Alex, and her moved up here last year. Brittany joined the newspaper because she thought it would be a fun experience, and she would like to improve her writing. She enjoys going to movies and thought, “Why not write articles on movies that I have seen and will see over the weekend.” Brittany looks forward to a successful year for the Beaver Reader!

Danny DeLeon is currently a junior at Beaver Country Day School. He has attended BCDS since the 6th grade. Danny is the junior class president, and he is a part of the Hip-Hop club and Mock Trial. This young man is very passionate about social justice and is also working closely with the social action leaders this year. Along with his many roles in the school, Danny has also taken on a year round internship with a non-profit organization called Mass Vote. At this time Danny is a writer for the Arts and living section of the Beaver Reader. He is bringing many new ideas to the paper and will hopefully have a new section added to the paper soon. In his free time, Danny enjoys writing poetry, playing basketball, and hanging out with his friends. Most importantly, he is a small young man with a big heart.

Mia Rosenberg has been at Beaver since 7th grade. She writes for the Beaver Reader and reviews indie and mainstream movies with Desmond.  Mia is involved in the environmental club and the happiness and spontaneity club at Beaver. She will also be playing softball in the spring. Outside of school Mia enjoys listening to music, hanging out with her friends, playing guitar, cooking, and traveling to exotic foreign places.

Max is a new freshman at Beaver and previously went to the Lincoln school in Brookline. He is interested in writing almost anything and is trying hard to improve his photography skills. At Beaver, he is a part of the jazz band, squash team and tennis team, two of which (jazz band and squash) are new to him . Outside of school he does a variety of things such as playing Squash, playing music with friends, going to the movies, and a lot of bike riding. He is also a part of the Dodgeball and Environmental Action clubs.

Freshman Margeaux Nanfeldt writes a section on popular television shows for the Beaver Reader.  She writes a quick re-cap on what happened on the latest episode of either Gossip Girl, Top Chef, House MD, or Greys Anatomy.  In addition to Beaver Reader, Margeaux likes to play squash and tennis. She also loves to cook, make art, and go shopping.  Margeaux is also involved in Hearing with Hands and Model UN at Beaver.

Desmond Mahoney has been at Beaver since 7th grade and is now in his freshman year. He likes to write. He and Mia review movies together for the paper. He is a funny guy who is interested in movies and film making. At Beaver, he plays lacrosse which he started just last year. Outside of school he is a pretty laid back guy. Over the summer he works at the New England Aquarium in their camp program.

Spencer has been at Beaver since seventh grade and now is in ninth grade. Spencer co-writes an advice column about “life.” In addition to the Beaver Reader, Spencer plays basketball and tennis at Beaver. Outside of school he also enjoys playing tennis and basketball, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and spending time with his family.

Najwa has attended Beaver Country Day School for three years now. She enjoys the opportunities that come with being a student here, like being a part of the paper. She loves music and tries to integrate it into her everyday life: whether it be writing about it, listening to it, or playing it. Her favorite artists as of now include Amy Winehouse, Lila Downs, A Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Bjork, The Beatles, Radiohead, Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed & The Velvet Underground, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughan, Philip Glass, and Sonic Youth. She runs cross-country at school and enjoys being in the plays as well. She likes other activities such as dance, accompanying herself on piano and guitar, and painting, all of which she tries to take seriously.

David Herman ‘12 is a student with many interests. His main role in the newspaper is writing sport articles and making deadlines with just minutes to spare. He plays lacrosse and table tennis at Beaver. David is an avid canoeist and outdoorsman, and he enjoys spending his time relaxing and eating. He also enjoys cooking and long walks on the beach.

Harry Bachrach is currently a junior at Beaver. He will be covering most cross country races for the Beaver Reader. Harry has been on the Beaver Cross Country team since freshman year.  Harry’s favorite subjects are English and History. He is a big Boston sports fan, especially the Celtics.

Ava Dudani is 15 years old and a sophomore here at Beaver. This is her first year on the paper, and she is very excited to be a part of this issue. She enjoys writing about music the most but also likes writing about politics and current events as well. Other than writing, Ava is in the sophmore Jazz band, on the cross-country team, and has partaken in a few Beaver plays (performance and tech). Ava is happy to have written her first article and hopes that everyone enjoys the first issue of the year!

This is sophomore Carli Jaff’s second year at Beaver and is part of the “School Life” and the “Arts and Living” sections in the Beaver Reader. In addition to playing field hockey in the fall, she loves participating in the arts department as much as she possibly can!  Carli thoroughly enjoys Beaver and is looking forward to a great year for the Beaver Reader.  Outside of school, Carli loves dancing, singing, acting, playing tennis, and spending time with family and friends.

Lani Mann has been attending beaver for three years and is currently a junior. She is new to the Beaver Reader and plans to write about topics regarding music. Her favorite sport is tennis and has been participating on the Beaver varsity tennis team since her freshman year. Her favorite classes at Beaver are math and science.

Sophomore Jonathon Mamon, a local Newton resident, started his Beaver career in 8th grade. He plays soccer and lacrosse at Beaver, and he really enjoys singing for the Upper School Chorus. In his free time, Jonathon enjoys hanging out with friends and having fun.

Zeke Satloff is new to the Beaver Reader this year.  He is a sophomore, and this is his second year at Beaver.  At Beaver, Zeke is a member of the Boys Varsity Soccer team.  He also participates in the spring musical and winter play.  Outside of Beaver, he likes to play soccer, participate in community service, and play Fifa 09.  He loves to watch European soccer, but his favorite television show is Friday Night Lights.

This is Amanda Healey’s second year at Beaver Country Day School. This is her first year on the Beaver Reader newspaper staff, although she was on the newspaper staff at her previous school for a year. She has always enjoyed writing and thought of it as a passion in her life. She believes that it gives her the ability to express herself. Amanda also loves to play volleyball, sing, act, and spend time with her family and friends. She also likes to try new things, which is one reason why she joined the staff this year. She is very excited to write articles for the Beaver Reader and hopes many people will check out the paper this year.

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